Dark Side Wolves – Junior Project

Hello eWorld \o/

It gives me great pleasure to announce the forming of Dark Side Wolves Junior, a military unit intended for the youth of Dark Side Wolves (DSW).

Like every other new unit out there, the first step in here is recruitment. The primary unit reached a decent number of soldiers in Division 4 so we decided to focus on the other (smaller) divisions.

First, we start with recruiting Division 3 members. The main conditions are :

– To be in Division 3 (Special Forces).
– To work in the MU’s companies.
– To wear the MU avatar.

Every member that will join our unit will receive a daily refund in weapons and food, financed by the primary DSW MU.

If you are interested in joining our newly-formed military unit, message ANGEL_ARHANGEL and he will fill you in with the details and answer any questions you might have about the unit itself.
If you are on Rizon, you can join the recruitment channel #edsw. The recruitment interviews will be held there, every day after 20.00 CET.

Every little soldier needs a little push in order to become a big and strong soldier. We offer you that little push now, accept it and become a part of our big Dark Side Wolves family today!!

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